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Air Assault Badge

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Air Assault Badge

The term Air Assault derives from two types of operations known as Air Mobility and Vertical Envelopment. Air Mobility Operations were developed by the German Army during WWII in the 1930‘s. The US Army soon adopted this method of offensive operations in 1941 using wooden gliders. The glider was assisted into the air by being towed by a larger aircraft and then released. The pilot had to navigate the large glider loaded with a team of infantry soldiers to the landing zone behind enemy lines, at night and attempt to land safely. Once the pilot landed the glider, he would join the mission as another infantry soldier with the team that he flew in. Although the gliders and techniques used were advanced for that time period they did pose some disadvantages. Once the aircraft was landed safely that team of soldiers were cut off from allied troops. Pilots had to be cross trained with infantry tactics so he could operate as both roles. The air mobility glider was abandoned after WWII after the invention of the helicopter. 

*Approx 50mm/2″ width, chrome plated, zinc alloy
*Attaches with 3M adhesive
*Unit, branch, and tab emblems sold separately

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