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Expert Infantryman Badge

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Expert Infantryman Badge
In 1944 Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, initiated the development of an Award to honor the U.S. Army Infantryman. The Office of Heraldic Activity of the Quartermaster General began work on designing a badge that would represent the U.S. Infantry’s tough, hard hitting role in combat and symbolize proficiency in the Infantry arts. Just as the Combat Infantryman Badge was intended to be an award for those U.S. fighting men whose primary mission was to close with and destroy the enemy, both German and Japanese, and later Communist and North Vietnamese; the Expert Infantryman Badge was instituted to build and maintain esprit de corps within U.S. Infantry units.

*Approx 3″ width, chrome plated, zinc alloy, black enamel
*Attaches with 3M adhesive

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