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9th Inf Rgmt

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9th Infantry Regiment "Manchu"

The Ninth Infantry Regiment has the distinction of being authorized a unique belt buckle as well as a distinctive insignia (DI) pin. This authority originally came from General Order Number 5, dated 25 June 1926, 9th Infantry, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. It states in part the following;

An imperial five-toed dragon head to chief facing the dexter, encircling a disk bearing the numeral "9" all of-Motto- "Keep Up The Fire" around the edge of the disk

The Manchu Mile takes its name from an 85-mile forced march undertaken by soldiers from the 9th Infantry Regiment during the Chinese "Boxer Rebellion" in 1900, according to information from the Army. The soldiers marched from Taku Bar to the city of Tientsin, where they immediately went into action to help rescue besieged foreign diplomats and missionaries from insurgent Boxers, according to the Army.

The regiment would later earn the honorary title "Manchus"

*Approx 2″ diameter, chrome plated, zinc alloy
*Attaches with 3M adhesive

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