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Army of Occupation Ribbon (4 Pk)

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The Army of Occupation Medal was established by War Department Circular 102, dated 5 April 1946. b. The medal was designed by Mr. Thomas Hudson Jones and the first medal was presented to General Eisenhower on 2 April 1947. The ribbon design uses the color black to represent Germany and the color red to represent Japan.
The Army of Occupation Medal was created to recognize soldiers that participated in World War II, and it continued to be awarded to soldiers assigned to occupied West Berlin until the reunification of East and West Germany on 02 Oct 1990.

* 1.5" x 3/8", 40mm x 10mm
* A dome label is a printed label topped with a clear 3D bubble of polyurethane
* Made with non-yellowing UV and abrasion resistant two-part polyurethane
* Made for outdoor use
* Peel and stick adhesive
* Includes 4 each, Army of Occupation Ribbons
* Berlin Bde emblems are sold separately


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