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Ordnance Corps Insignia

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Ordnance Corps Insignia
The Ordnance Corps has a proud tradition dating back to colonial America when Samuel Sharpe was appointed as Master Gunner of Ordnance in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629. For the next four hundred years, the Ordnance Corps served a pivotal role in the American Army: it built the weapons for the Union Army in the Civil War, it established forward maintenance as a key tenet during WWI, and organized the first Bomb Disposal Units in WWII. Through Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, up to its current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the men and women of the Ordnance Branch maintain its dedication to the spirit of "Support To The Line, On The Line, On Time!"

*Approx 50mm/2″ height, chrome plated, zinc alloy
*Attaches with 3M adhesive
*Unit emblems and tabs sold separately

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