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101st Airborne Division Sticker Is The True Reflection Of Its Motto: “Rendezvous With Destiny"

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The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is the air assault division of the United States Army that specializes in air assault operations. This division is also known by its nickname called “Screaming Eagles” and it has distinguished its unit by following the highest standards of military professionalism from the day of the unit get activated, i.e. on August 16, 1942, at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. Throughout, it's past 7- years of glorious history, the 101st airborne division has amassed a proud record. To honor this prestigious unit, the 101st airborne sticker has been specifically designed so that all military lovers, especially today’s youth can express their gratitude toward this unit by putting such glorious decals on their personal belongings like cars, laptops, water bottles, and other surfaces.

Air Assault Operations Of 101st Airborne Division Unit

The 101st Airborne Division is a light infantry division that is widely recognized for its Air Assault potential. This unit can plan, coordinate, and implement multiple battalion-size air assault operations to seize terrain with fewer casualties. Moreover, it can execute contingency missions anywhere in the world. To highlight the history and significance of this glorious military unit, the 101st airborne sticker has been designed that stands true to the unit’s motto, and objectives and highlights its air assault operations with integrity.

For those who are proud supporters of such a prestigious military unit, having a military emblem like the 82nd airborne or 101st airborne sticker is the best way to honor every personnel who belongs or can relate to such a glorious airborne division unit. It is a matter of pride to showcase your respect and love for the military unit.

When it comes to showing your support for the United States military unit like the 101st and 82nd airborne, sticker stands out as an ideal choice as it better reflects the history, significance, and motto that says, “rendezvous with destiny”. As a division of the United States, the 101st airborne has never failed that prophecy and will continue its legacy for years to come.

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