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How To Use Army Car Decals To Make It Last-Longer?

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Impressive and message-giving decals are a great way to highlight your car in the crowd. You can let your opinion be strong and clear with army car decals that give a good message in the society for the army. So, if you clear the task of choosing the decal, the next big task is to choose the correct placement of the decals and apply them without a twisted clump.

Army Car Decals

In order to stick well without a clumsy look, car decals should be applied to the smooth, clean, and dry surface of the vehicle. Also, you need to check that the surface doesn’t have any sharp curves as it may affect the longevity and clean look of the army decals. For instance, you may not like to curve the decal like the 82nd airborne decal around the corner of the vehicle bumper.

In this post, we will explain placing decals on your car. Let’s begin with the application process of army car decals for a clean finish:

Process to Put Army Decals on Car

For long-lasting results, place your car decal in a shady location to prevent it from extreme weather conditions. Though good quality decals like 82nd airborne chrome plated, zinc alloy, and enamel paint decal can easily withstand any challenging environment. Thus, it is wise to get the car decal from a trusted online army car decals supplier.

  • Identify the location of the car for the army car decal- Before applying a decal on your car, you must determine the right location to place your chosen army decal. Access the position where you want the decal to be placed and determine if the size of the decal will fit there appropriately.
  • Place the decal on the shortlisted location of the car- Hold the decal up against your car to get an idea of how it will look there and the best placement for it.
  • Clean the surface where you want to place the decal- Once you’ve determined the right placement for the decals like the 101st or 82nd airborne decal, the next is to clean the surface and keep it dry. Proper cleaning of the car surface will prevent the decal from having clumsy bumps and ensure it won’t peel.
  • Wait for the right temperature- Temperature is a key factor to consider when applying decals on your car. Too much heat will make the decal flexible and it becomes difficult to stick it on the car. If it's too cold still the decal will not stick properly. Hence, when you put your decal, be sure that the temperature is between 40 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Peel and apply the army car decals- Use the tape marking, place one edge of the car decal and smooth it out with a straight edge. While placing the decal, apply firm and even pressure so each of its layers gets attached to one other. It ensures that the decal won’t come out and stick to the car for longer.
If you follow the above tips, you will have a great-looking army car sticker, in the correct position, that looks clean and will last for a long time in most outdoor environments.

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