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Important Features of 101st Airborne Sticker

Posted by Sachin Kumar on

Airborne stickers made of premium quality have several useful features that many are still not aware of. Being regarded as a sticker, airborne decals are generally underestimated and are considered similar to ordinary stickers. However, decals like 82nd airborne and 101st airborne stickers are way better and more durable than ordinary ones. From being able to withstand the extreme weather to being the epitome of army bravery, airborne stickers have a lot of benefits that are yet to discover.

In this post, we will let you aware of the features of the 101st airborne sticker so you can have peace of mind while investing in it.

  • Airborne stickers are water and weather- proof- For outdoor use, airborne sticker works unconditionally and withstands even harsh weather conditions. They won’t even wear out after the strong wave of the thunderstorm. The sticker will remain in pristine condition throughout even after facing extreme weather. They won’t fade even in the sun and remain unaffected by the rainwater or snow. 
  • Easy to clean- This is an added feature of the 101st and 82nd airborne sticker as cleaning the sticker is one of the most complicated tasks. A well-clean airborne sticker defines a lot about the owner's personality. Also, you will always want your well-clean airborne sticker to catch everyone’s attention. Thankfully, the material used in airborne stickers is quite easy to clean and doesn’t absorb dust or any other contaminant from the environment. 
  • Stick to any surface- It doesn’t matter where you want to stick them, these stickers can easily stick to any kind of surface. Whether it is wood, plastic, metal, or glass, 101st airborne sticker can be applied to any rough surface. They are ideal for the surfaces of cars, trucks, vans, RV boats, and many other surfaces. With such a versatile sticker, you can be creative and get it onto any surface to reflect your pride for the army and our brave soldiers. 
  • Highly durable- When you are looking for a sticker, you may expect it to last longer. This is where airborne stickers stand upright to the durability expectation. As they withstand the harsh climate, didn’t wear out, and remain undamaged, airborne stickers last longer in every extreme condition.

There are several features of airborne stickers that make them the first choice for surfaces like cars, windows, or any other. If you want to get premium quality made airborne stickers to highlight your vehicle, Auto Medals is the ideal destination where you can explore a range of army stickers.

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