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Selecting premium quality 101st airborne stickers at affordable prices

Posted by Sachin Kumar on

The nation has the honour of being served by some of the finest regiments and divisions that have worked tirelessly for the safety and security of the region. 

One such division is the 101 Airborne Division. It was established in 1942 at Camp Claiborne. The first commander Major General William Lee in his maiden speech stated that the same had no previous history yet was created to meet the immediate needs of the US military.

Reasons for popularity of the 101st airborne stickers

The 101st airborne stickers often feature its insignia or its nickname - Screaming Eagles. It features a stunning bald eagle on a black shield that leaves a perfect impression when placed on civilian vehicles, especially on luxury cars. The patch is called "Old Abe" in the honor of President Lincoln. The same was originally the mascot of the Wisconsin regiment during civil wars yet was later allocated to the 101 Airborne Division. 

Here are some of the common reasons for the popularity of these products -

  • The Bravehearts and creatives

The valour of these soldiers was commendable. In 1944, they were the first ones to set foot into occupied France. They were given the task of clearing the way for seaborne regiments and assault by seizing its Western exit. 

The regiment is also known for its celebrity alum. Jimi Hendrix the famous guitarist was also a part of this regiment before taking an honourable discharge in 1962. Numerous war veterans too share a glorious stint with this division. 

A similar close history is shared by the 82 Airborne Division which is honoured by its own unique 82nd airborne sticker. You can find stylish stickers that use its insignia or its fonts. 

  • Installing these stickers is easy

These stickers can be an impressive way to decorate your vehicle or interiors. It can be added to your storefront, trucks, business vehicles or household appliances to leave a stunning impression. These can fit into any area and make the same look masculine and have a no-nonsense approach. 

  • These educate our citizens

For schools or private educational areas, these stickers help educate children about the untiring efforts put by the US military. 

  • These can be customized

Unless you are looking for a specific style or design, you can install these easily and efficiently. The entire job is easy and you can achieve professional results by following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

This makes it a one-time investment. It is similarly easy to replace the old ones with new ones.

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