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Honor Our Troops: Easy Ways to Show Your Support Using Military Emblems

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101st airborne sticker

When it comes to showing your support for our brave men and women in the U.S. Military, there are tons of ways to do it, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. With Auto Medals merchandise, showing off your patriotism can be as easy as adding our adhesive emblems to all your favorite items. They aren’t just emblems; they’re badges of honor. Here are some easy, laid-back ways to incorporate our military emblems into your daily grind:

Ride in Style: Stick our emblems on your vehicle’s bumper and let your ride do the talking. This is a classic, easy way to honor the personnel who serve our country wherever you go.

Personalize Electronics: With emblems, you can personalize your favorite gadgets and make them stand out. Stick our decals on the case of your laptop, phone, or tablet and watch them serve as kickass conversation starters.

Upgrade Your Drinkware: Our waterproof emblems make it easy to upgrade your favorite water bottle or travel mug and add a sense of pride to your day while you drink your morning coffee.

Gym Motivation: Getting ready to hit the gym? Add some decals to your gym bag, workout mat and other equipment as a reminder of your hard work and a symbol of your strength.

Office Boost: Make your work day more interesting by adding some decals to your desk space. Put them on your planners and notebooks to help you stay motivated as you soldier through your day.

Outdoor Gear: Whether you’re hiking, camping or biking, cease the day by adding military emblems to your favorite gear. Stick them on your bike frames, helmets and other equipment to remind yourself of freedom while you’re out exploring.

Gift Wrapping: When giving gifts to friends or family with military connections, go the extra mile. Wrap your present in patriotic wrapping paper and add one of our decals as the final touch.

DIY Projects: Maybe you’re working on a project of your own. Incorporate our emblems into your custom apparel, home decor and other military memorabilia for a one-of-a-kind item.

Giveaways: If you're part of community or fundraising events, our military emblems work great as giveaway prizes. Be the guy who boosts morale by sharing these emblems with your group.

Make a Soldier's Day: The best way to show your support is by giving back. Donate these awesome decals to local veterans' organizations or hospitals. Our emblems are a sign of brotherhood, reminding our veterans their service is deeply respected. Just like that, military emblems are an easy and surefire way to keep your support for our troops front and center.

Now it’s time to gear up, grab the 101st Airborne sticker and 82nd Airborne sticker from Auto Medals, and let your pride be known wherever you go!

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